Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blogging has been tough lately - no, not because I'm trying to update with my Blackberry (although I am today) - because I'm think this being done with school and getting my bearings has been tougher than I expected. I'm very lucky to have had my part-time job turn into my full-time job as soon as I graduated, but the reality of the working life has hit me. And made me question a lot of things. So, any advice from those who've "been there, done that" would be great! (Since I'm using my phone for this, it's REALLY hard to steer clear of text-speak!)

On another note, 2010 has been dubbed "The Year of Health and Wealth" in our house. Eric and I joined a gym, got personal trainers, and are kicking it 5 times a week! Also, now that we're not paying tuition anymore, the money situation has greatly improved! Now, Eric has a great job and we were so blessed to not have any debt coming out of the education years. However, school is expensive! And now that we're not writing multiple-thousand-dollar checks to The University of Nebraska, the accounts are procreating quite nicely. House projects are coming! So, sitting good health wise (or getting there), money wise and job wise. But trying to figure out: is this it? No more adventures? Is boring the price we pay for financial and job security?

Final thought:
Beg, borrow or steal (or buy) the book "Linchpin" by Seth Godin. Amazing. Lifechanging. Motivational. (Would link to it, but don't know how from my phone. I got my copy from Amazon)

So, I'm back! (Aren't you glad?)