Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A House Update

While I have few minutes, I'll let you all know that the housing situation isn't going well right now. While we have a contract for the house in Omaha, no one wants to buy our house in Lincoln. Our realtor tells us that the market has completely slowed down and we have only had 5 groups through our house in 2 1/2 weeks. This seems a little sparse to me, and I'm getting a little nervous. I suppose, if we can't sell our house, then we will back out of the other house (which will be sad, but we'll cope!) and then continue to sell ours and maybe move to Omaha later in the year. (Which could be strange - how do you move in the snow?) :) So, pray for our situation - we have some hard decisions to make and it's tough to know what to do. Look at this - 2 posts in one day - that is definitely a record for me!

Photos from Our Southern Adventure

Eric and I had a great Labor Day Weekend visiting Scott and Renee' in Slidell, LA. After getting off to a rough start (with a canceled flight the first day and standby on all flights the next day), we had three fun-filled days in the deep south seeing Scott and Renee's new home and experiencing some Southern culture. Here are some glimpses of our vacation...

We went to an awesome show at this casino - since they expect everyone to spend money gambling, we got to see Russian acrobats for about $10 a ticket!

Eric and machinery!

We took an unbelievable helicopter ride with Scott's boss, Jim. He is an amazing pilot and great tour guide - our trip along the gulf coast was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Doesn't Renee' look happy to be airborne?

This little guy hid as soon as we came close with the cameras -
but there really is a hermit crab in there!

We walked out on a rebuilt pier along the gulf coast. There used to be a pier every hundred yards or so, but since Hurricane Katrina, there aren't many left in the area were visiting.

The Mississippi River from the New Orleans bank

A restaurant with a French name in the French Quarter - we ate here our last night in Louisiana

During our helicopter ride, Scott practiced his piloting skills from the back seat.

As we bounced along Louisiana's highways, we spotted a turtle - after the photo op, Eric deposited him safely in the grass alongside the road.

As Renee' said "You've always got to have one of those pictures."

An extremely large alligator! (And we really were that close!)

A fantastic up-close-and-personal tour of the swamp!

"The Money Picture"