Thursday, October 07, 2010

Baby, It's Been 20 Weeks!

Here goes - the whirlwind update before we head to the great outdoors for some well-deserved rest:
1) The house is on the market! Remember, when three short years ago, it was so exciting to be here? Well, now, it's really exciting to have the possibility of leaving! These links don't last forever (only until the house sells) but if you want to check out our Tiny House's listing, here it is!

2) The baby is growing! I can't believe that only 2 months ago, all we saw were armbuds..and now...

These were all taken 2.5 weeks ago when I was 18 weeks along. The ultrasound tech knew this little one's gender immediately, but since I want to be surprised, Eric is graciously allowing us to keep it a secret! Although, if we ever want to know, all we need to do is call... but I think we can hold out!

3) Starting to finally think about baby preparations! After 2.5 months of horrible all-day sickness with this tyke, I can finally get excited about preparing for its life with us! :) Started registering for a few items, but the list is not nearly finished!

4) And one more baby update: it's moving! And kicking and stretching and jazzercizing (I can only guess) and trying to find just a little more space than it currently has at its disposal! Eric is a little disappointed that he can't feel yet, but I'm doing plenty of feeling for both of us!

That's it for now - off to camping!