Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flip-Flops and Fruit Juice

I had a "Naked" fruit juice blend today. Mmmm... I can't remember the name, but it's the one that has mostly berries in it and has energy in the title and is purple. Good Stuff!!! And I am wearing flip-flops with my jeans today. I finally got rid of the remnants of the six-week-old pedicure and have naked toenails. Don't get any ideas - nothing else is naked today. Just my juice and toenails. So, I'm wearing flip-flops, drinking fruit juice and sitting across from a weird little boy that sat down across from me in the library. He read "Catch-22" for about an hour, snickered three times (I'm assuming it was something he read) and left. But not before standing and using the wall to support himself as he stretched out his legs from an hour of sitting. Sheesh - kids these days!
I really needed to get three evaluations written today, and have had NO luck. The problem is this: my last three evals I turned in were marvelous. These are not my words: the teacher posted them in our class folder as shining examples for all to see. And when I reread them, I can't believe I wrote such eloquence! I'm not being arrogant - simply happily confused they turned out so well.
Fastforward to today: Three more evals are due tomorrow and I've already done as good as I will ever do. How can I compete with my own amazing standard? Everything I write sounds like drivel and all my word placements seem awkward. So, there's my prediciment What do you do when your best is behind you, but you still have to perform in the future?
I suppose I'll keep writing tonight after a few caffeinated drinks. Maybe my brilliance is contingent upon the number of Coke Zeros I drink in a 12 hour period. I'll let you know...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Vacation Please!

It's rainy, cold and drizzly today. Thinking back a month ago, we were 1100 miles south on vacation - and I'm ready to vacate again! Great things happen when you're on vacation.
For example:

...packing all your belongings for a week into suitcases (the sad dog is not part of a great vacation experience, but is necessary for a good time)...

...putting 3000 miles on a rental car instead of your own...

...seeing your first flowers in six months...

...beagles glaring at you from the back seat (She got back at us for our segregationist attitude)... of the private jet...

...picnics on the pier...

...private helicopter flights along the Gulf Coast (with front seat status given to yours truly)...

...meals (and snacks and more meals) with the Southern Sorensens...

...posing with crocodiles...

...relaxing on the beach...

...AMAZING (and super expensive) desserts...

... and kicking highschoolers' butts on the go-cart track.

Because it has been a whole month since we were on vacation, what better way to celebrate than with a pictorial tribute of the wonderful 10 days away.

"No man needs a vacation so much as the person who has just had one. " ~Elbert Hubbard

Friday, April 11, 2008

Charging the iPod...

I'm sitting in the corner of the small third-floor lounge in my building on campus. Usually, I like to work in the library because:

1. I love books - being with them makes me happy.
2. I love coffee - the coffee shop in the library has Starbucks.
3. I love silence...and noise - I like having the option of quiet study or talking around me.

But today, on the 11th day of April, 2008, it is snowing. Yes, snowing and while I love snow, I don't love the rain and wind mixed with this specific batch. So, I'm hanging out in the building where my only class of the day will be held and waiting for my iPod to charge. Hope your weekend is less snowy than mine has started out!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Dental Hygiene

I hate brushing my teeth.
This does not mean that I don't brush my teeth.
Because I do!
Twice daily.
I love the way my mouth feels after the deed is done - clean, minty and fresh.
But I hate poking a plastic stick into my mouth and I hate the way little dribbles of toothpaste that occasionally end up on my chin.
I like many other tedious tasks like matching socks, sorting laundry, cleaning out drawers and vacuuming the floors.
But, brushing my teeth?
I could live without it.
Unfortunately, my teeth could not - or my gums for that matter.
So, you won't see yellowed teeth on me any time soon nor a bad case of gingivitis.
But, just remember: I'm not doing it because I like it, only because I have to.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Do you have a ****** card with us?"

I'm working in retail again.

After I swore I wouldn't (I really shouldn't swear).

And actually, I don't mind that much. I shopped in this store before I worked there, really like their clothes and like helping people buy cool stuff. But, the biggest part of the company's business is credit cards. Let's get this straight - I HATE CREDIT CARDS! I could go into great detail about their wretchedness, but will instead direct you to the anti-credit guru: Dave Ramsey.
The worst part about my job is that every shift I work, I'm supposed to get at least person to apply for a credit card. This means I have to "sell/pitch" the object of my disdain to people until they've said no three times. And most of the time, I do it. But, this week, I barely tried. And then realized today - the last day of this time period - that if I didn't get a card, I would get written up for a week of no credit. Yes, this store writes you up if you don't get at least 1 card every week you work.
So even when someone turns me down (three times) I secretly applaud their willpower, but then feel bad that I will be called out once again for my lack of credit applications. Why can't we just sell the clothes? Because people who use credit cards irresponsibly are every company's dream - more money, more profits, etc.
So, keep saying no to store credit cards people! Even if I have to get written up, it's worth it to keep one more person out of credit card trouble!