Saturday, January 31, 2009

A List for Saturday Afternoon

Here's my day in list format:

1. Woke up at 9:13 a.m. - Bliss!

2. Tried to post my 25 Random Things on Facebook, pressed the back button, and lost the whole list. Too frustrated to start again.

3. Let Nala out to bask all morning long. I tried to get her to come back in, but she would have none of it!

4. Worked on a colon cancer story for a newsletter at work. Let me just say, YUCK!

5. Redesigned brochures and other materials for a hospice organization for work.

6. Created poster presentations - again, for work.

7. Made a wonderful scrambled egg concoction for "brunch."

8. Did dishes while Sadie laid on my feet.

9. Finished story about colon cancer - while watching the end of Blades of Glory on TV. A very strange combination.

10. Started laundry and picked up a few things around the house.

11. Organized the gross of toilet paper we bought last night. Ok, it was only 20 rolls, but feels like more when crammed into the Tiny House's bathroom closet.

12. Talked to Eric a few times while he worked at a side job. He works really hard to keep us in Financial Peace.

13. Checked my email every 20 minutes, hoping for a response to a necessary email - have yet to receive one!

14. Am posting while laundry washes and dogs lounge around.

15. Plan on renting a movie, cooking a wonderful shrimp pasta thing and hanging out with my man tonight.

Hope you had a great Saturday!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Do I Have to Take the Bad?

Good: I am driving a sweet vehicle right now!
Bad: I slid into a curb and had to pay for a rental while mine sits in the shop (for a week and a half).

Good: I created an awesome design in response to a need.
Bad: The design is now a shell of its former self - basically chopped up and sold for parts.

Good: My amazing little sister (who is almost 18) has an exciting future ahead of her!
Bad: My little sister is growing up and moving far away! :(

Good: I get to go to London in May!
Bad: We have to pay for me to go to London in May (involves extra work for Eric and singleness for me).

Good: I am working out regularly with a friend from school!
Bad: I am so sore and tired - all I want to do is sleep!

Cheer me up! I want to hear about your good this week!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ode to Old Green

We gather together today to bid farewell to beloved family member, Old Green.

He was meant to reside in the basement, but preferred the living room.

All attempts to mask his distinctive odor failed.

His appearance lacked a certain sophistication, but exuded comfort.

Although completely void of nutrition, he became a nearly daily snack.

He was a game participant and a napping partner.

With heavy hearts we commend him - holey, stained, torn and slightly smelly - to the giant blue trashcan beside the back porch.

Good bye Old Green. We'll miss you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


There has been a lot of gasping going on around here lately. Mainly, the sharp intake of breath is due to the HORRENDOUSLY cold temps, which reached a high today of 4. That's four degrees Fahrenheit - not that balmy four degrees Celsius!

The other gasp was uttered by myself when I was given permission (by me) to drop a class. Yes, drop a class. This is something I do not do. I have always been one to plan, execute, achieve, celebrate (for a second) and jump back to plan, etc, etc, etc...

As I sat through this particular class on Tuesday afternoon (from 4-6 p.m. - aka: Kate's sleepy-and-need-caffeine time) I felt myself getting lower, and lower, and lower. And not just my mood - my chair was broken and sinking slowly.

"Why am I doing this?" I kept asking myself. The details of the class made me slightly queasy and exhausted. All I did was listen for two hours!

As I sat, I began to think about how to get out of this commitment. Besides moving to India or faking my own death, the logical explanation seemed to be to drop the class. I can hear you out there! You're saying, BIG DEAL! Everyone drops classes all the time - what's the dilemma?

I don't drop classes. I start something, I strive for excellence, and I finish something.

I achieve. It's what I do.

But, this week, I gave myself the chance to quit. Not fail, but quit.

I quit something that would have consumed my life.
I quit something that would have stolen my free time.
I quit something that would have given me the experience of doing exactly what I have been doing for the past 5 years.

And I am happy. And content.

I can quit. It doesn't kill me. And that could be the best lesson of all!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Dairy and Me

I realized that unsuspecting readers may expect this post to detail the effects that dairy has on my body. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Which is: I love milk. Milk loves me. We have had a long and happy relationship for nearly 28 years. However, something seemed to be missing. The milk I remember pouring on my cereal when I was eight tastes nothing like the gallons of 1% I grab from the refrigerator today. It was slightly sour, tasteless and hard to drink alone.

However, on December 29, 2008, that scenario changed. That is the day I had my first glass of Horizons Organic 1% milk.

I think I specifically avoided the organic bandwagon to prove to myself that "regular" food was just as good. I may now have to go over to the natural side because of the amazing experience I have had with my current favorite beverage.

The taste? Sublime!
The texture? Extremely milk-like?
Aftertaste? Nothing but fantastic!

If you haven't had a chance to try Horizon's dairy products, pay the extra money and just do it. You'll mouth and your cereal will thank you!

(Man, Horizon should hire me! I could sell their milk all day long!)