Friday, January 30, 2009

Do I Have to Take the Bad?

Good: I am driving a sweet vehicle right now!
Bad: I slid into a curb and had to pay for a rental while mine sits in the shop (for a week and a half).

Good: I created an awesome design in response to a need.
Bad: The design is now a shell of its former self - basically chopped up and sold for parts.

Good: My amazing little sister (who is almost 18) has an exciting future ahead of her!
Bad: My little sister is growing up and moving far away! :(

Good: I get to go to London in May!
Bad: We have to pay for me to go to London in May (involves extra work for Eric and singleness for me).

Good: I am working out regularly with a friend from school!
Bad: I am so sore and tired - all I want to do is sleep!

Cheer me up! I want to hear about your good this week!


Andi said...

Good: I am letting Jesus lead.

Good: Someday, when this pile of homework is gone, I will have a degree!

Better: My workouts with Walter are awesome!

Best: I get to see YOU on Sunday and am bringing an awesome dessert!(well I hope it is, it's a new recipe).

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

My good is that I went to San Francisco this week and it was gloriously warm and summmer like.

The bad? My flight from Philly to home is delayed. Until 10:00 tonite. GRRRRRRR.