Sunday, August 26, 2007

We are Proud Homeowners! (for the 2nd time)

This morning, at 9:00 am, Eric and I purchased our second home! The address is *now a secret due to Eric being out of town* and here are the photos of our new "Tiny House." :) (Note the SOLD sign!)

Everything seemed to work out perfectly with our search for homes in Omaha! I have relatives that live very close by to our new home and they had great suggestions for what parts of town to live in and good neighborhoods to look at. After looking casually for only 2 weekends (and checking the website every day for new listings), we changed our housing criteria and right away found this great house.

It needs work (not structural, just cosmetic!) and some help with its yard, but we love the style and quiet neighborhood! (Check out the great woodwork and I think it has 10 windows on the first floor alone!) We have a fantastic front porch (which we've always wanted)

and a basement where Eric plans to spend time tinkering with projects. (Note the half-door at the far end of the room - it leads to a short-ceilinged storm cellar. We've already decided to leave the door open and light on at all times - I think I've seen to many scary movies - the short door scares me!)

Our first goal will be to clean everything (it has an "old-house" smell) and then completely redo the 2nd floor which will be the master bedroom. Eric also wants to add a bathroom to the second floor by adding a dormer and cutting out the cupboards that flank one wall.

We're really excited to have our "Tiny House" and look forward to giving very short tours very soon!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Pray for us - we may have found a house!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My Longing
I long for the days of super-high electric bills and moderately cool air seeping from our vents...You don't miss the old, inefficient air conditioners until they're gone! (And you're in the middle of a three-day heat advisory.)

Tiger's Longing
Sadie has a friend. His name is Tiger. Tiger is one of Sadie's constant companions. You'll often see Tiger hanging from Sadie's mouth as she pads through the house. Today, I walked out to water our flower garden in the backyard and was met with a curious sight...

Now, Tiger leads a good life: friends to play with, a roof over his head and mending on a regular basis. Even still, Tiger - like all wild animals - wants a life without fences, owners or responsibilities. Even those with everything, still long for more!