Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My Longing
I long for the days of super-high electric bills and moderately cool air seeping from our vents...You don't miss the old, inefficient air conditioners until they're gone! (And you're in the middle of a three-day heat advisory.)

Tiger's Longing
Sadie has a friend. His name is Tiger. Tiger is one of Sadie's constant companions. You'll often see Tiger hanging from Sadie's mouth as she pads through the house. Today, I walked out to water our flower garden in the backyard and was met with a curious sight...

Now, Tiger leads a good life: friends to play with, a roof over his head and mending on a regular basis. Even still, Tiger - like all wild animals - wants a life without fences, owners or responsibilities. Even those with everything, still long for more!


Dennis & Valerie said...

Poor sad Tiger- longing for something more. Breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

One must have true friends such as Tiger. When with those friends our innermost longings are shared and become tomorrows dreams. It is good to see your blog alive again. Aunt Kris