Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here we go...

A crazy week - and it's only Wednesday! I have been working feverishly to get done with my weekly tasks both at work and home so I can leave for a weekend away with my mom and 2 of my sisters. We headed to Joplin, MO for a Women's Conference at Ozark Christian College. This has become a tradition for my mom and I and even though it is always busy to get ready to leave, I'm glad to just get away for a few days and fill my head and heart with great teaching and Biblical wisdom. Because I still have MANY things left to accomplish before I leave, I'll make this short and sweet. As of June 1, 2006 I will no longer be teaching piano lessons! I told you on my last posting that I was going to be clearing my schedule - and that will definately do it! Eric and I figured out I've been teaching for 12 years! That's almost 1/2 my life! And even though I love the kids (usually) and don't hate teaching, I feel there are other things in my life that should be priorities right now. One of my first posts said we were trying to get into shape - HA! This has not happened yet - and one of the reasons is because I teach until 7:00 most nights a week and Eric and I had no time or energy after eating and cleaning up to do any sort of activity. So, exercising and preparing more nutricious foods will move higher up on the list (have you ever realized how much TIME it takes to actually plan and make healthy foods? Bad-for-you food are so much quicker!) and I will use this empty time to figure out the best way for God to use me. I've been thinking of starting a support group for married women. I think there would be a great demand at our church and sometimes the best way to get involved in something is to start it yourself! Well, so much for "short and sweet!" Pray for my trip - good weather and no car trouble! Here's a great thought for the weekend (courtesy of

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A New Venture

This picture illustrates a new chapter in my life - I'm going to be coordinating weddings at our church! One of the current coordinators moved and there was an opening that I filled today! I am really excited to add a new activity to my schedule! And for those of you who may be worried that one more activity is not what I need, I'll keep you posted. I may be freeing up a HUGE part of my schedule very soon - I'll let you know as soon as I have definate information!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm blogging! I'm blogging!

I apologize PROFUSELY for the lack of posts lately! An Easter season when you work at a church is crazy busy - I haven't even had time for laundry the past 2 weeks. The only things that got cleaned were underwear and socks - until our closet was completely empty anyway! I feel like I am decompressing today - finally - after a crazy two weeks of work. After getting evaluated at work today and talking with my boss I am been pondering two words that came up during our conversation: relevant and Effective. We were discussing how to better our ministry at church and keep our focus in the right direction. Relevant and effective can be used as a measuring tool for any activity: hobbies, housework, pet care, exercise, eating, cooking and time with spouse (talking instead of watching TV, for example.) Even as I sit here I am thinking of all the things I should be doing that would be relevant and effective for my afternoon! By asking myself: "Is this __________ relevant and effective?" I feel as if I can be freed up for only the important things God wants for my schedule! This answers my own question I posted a few weeks back! Have a great spring day! (By the way, the snow melted quickly and the flowers are out on our trees here! Beautiful!)

My "windows" are open!

After Eric and I went to "A Weekend to Remember" in February, I felt like we understood even better how we thought - and here is another insight into the minds of women and men. Check out this transcript from "Family Life Today" for some entertaining information! :)