Sunday, April 12, 2009

Risen and Given

He was taken from heaven,
He was blessed for ministry,
He was broken for sins,

And then, best of all...

He was given to us!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wherein Cliches Abound

I registered for classes today. I keep telling everyone that I will be "coasting" to the finish line of this thing called college. I'm taking ONE summer course this year (as opposed to five last year) and will be taking a grand total of 12 credit hours - three of those being an online course (yay for the Internet!).

I'll have a relatively easy go of it until December. Working my internship, volunteering at church and keeping my little family happy and healthy. However, after the curtain goes down on 2009, I may be in a bit of quandary. I've heard rumors straight from the horse's mouth (my wonderful boss) that the powers-that-be LOVE my work and would LOVE to keep me on after graduation - if the budget allows. I've also heard other rumors (straight from another horse's mouth) that people around church LOVE my work and that my volunteering may turn into something more - including something for which I would be paid.

These are purely rumors, but - being the type A that I am - I have begun thinking, planning and worrying already. Silly me - this is still nine months away! So, to take my mind off the future, and to add one more thing to my list, I decided to run a 5K on April 25. I am not a runner. But, for some reason, I decided this would be a good idea. Hmm...

Back to the subject at hand: two possible jobs waiting for me to receive my bachelor's degree. Keeping all involved happy and all options open is very difficult and I'm tired. But, then, I'm always tired...

Updates to follow...

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Rant

I don't often complain/grumble/fuss across cyberspace but I need to vent about my current mood:

- I took both dogs in our tiny car an hour away to our old vet for hip shots that our new vet "doesn't do, but can do if we want them."
- Nala whined and paced the entire hour - yes, the entire hour. If you didn't think a dog could pace in a car, you're wrong.
- I found out from our old vet that the now-ex-current vet gave me information that could have led to poisoning our dog.
- I tried to walk both dogs after the vet visit - it was too windy, the dogs pulled too hard, and, to sum up, it was just bad.
- Homework is piling up - the end of the semester is approaching.
- I am tired, and I don't have time to sleep.
- I am picking up the slack on a group project - of course - as always.
- I am running. I hurt.
- My brain is tired of learning.
- I am *this* close to tears at different times throughout the day - a symptom of the lack of sleeping.
- Work is picking up speed and I feel a little overwhelmed - nothing I can't handle, but I need time to focus, which I don't have.

Sorry for all the negativity! I'll be happier soon!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret?

I have a dirty little secret.

Actually, it's my dogs' dirty little secret.

They pee.

Yes, yes, I know, all dogs pee. But, these two have a special knack for peeing. Not only in their brown yard (made that way by all the pee); not only on their walks (where every 20 feet is the "perfect" spot for a little pee); but also in any comfortable place they may happen to fall asleep.

I hear your protestations: "Dogs don't pee where they sleep!" Come spend a night at my house and you can test that theory for yourself!

This morning, during the wee hours, Nala jumped up on our bed (which we keep covered with a hair-catching sheet for just such jumping-occasions). She must have directly entered that deep sleep that provokes the bladder leakage. I moved my foot a fraction of an inch to the left and AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

She jumped down looking quite chagrined at her horrible mistake (as each dog always does - after the fact). I leaped from my warm bed with a "Bad dog!" and "Guess what Eric?" alternatively and repeatedly. During my leap, I landed on a dog cushion next to the bed that was - guess what? - soaking wet!

I immediately stripped the hair-catching sheet, quilt, blanket, top sheet, bottom sheet and mattress pad. Then I grabbed the two doggie security blankets, stripped the cushion covers and threw the whole mess down the basement stairs. Thankfully, each cushion is also encased in a water proof cover - you'd think this had happened before!

(Side note: why in the yards and yards of clean fabric do I always manage to hold the areas that are pee-soaked?)

I grabbed the fabric cleaner (and carpet cleaner, because dog cushions are obviously horribly leaky) and rags. After a spray on the affected areas, I headed downstairs to start my first of five loads of laundry. (And I didn't think I would have time for even one today! Amazing, eh?)A quick run upstairs to scrub, spray and scrub again.

So, now the secret is out. Now that I've come "clean," I need support and suggestions! Any ideas? Do I get up in the middle of the night to take them out? Do I take away all water after 8 p.m.? If they didn't hate kennels so much - and if the kennels weren't so HUGE - I'd consider this option.

By the way, after the scrubbing was over, I glanced at the clock: 6:38 a.m. Good morning to me!