Friday, April 03, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret?

I have a dirty little secret.

Actually, it's my dogs' dirty little secret.

They pee.

Yes, yes, I know, all dogs pee. But, these two have a special knack for peeing. Not only in their brown yard (made that way by all the pee); not only on their walks (where every 20 feet is the "perfect" spot for a little pee); but also in any comfortable place they may happen to fall asleep.

I hear your protestations: "Dogs don't pee where they sleep!" Come spend a night at my house and you can test that theory for yourself!

This morning, during the wee hours, Nala jumped up on our bed (which we keep covered with a hair-catching sheet for just such jumping-occasions). She must have directly entered that deep sleep that provokes the bladder leakage. I moved my foot a fraction of an inch to the left and AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

She jumped down looking quite chagrined at her horrible mistake (as each dog always does - after the fact). I leaped from my warm bed with a "Bad dog!" and "Guess what Eric?" alternatively and repeatedly. During my leap, I landed on a dog cushion next to the bed that was - guess what? - soaking wet!

I immediately stripped the hair-catching sheet, quilt, blanket, top sheet, bottom sheet and mattress pad. Then I grabbed the two doggie security blankets, stripped the cushion covers and threw the whole mess down the basement stairs. Thankfully, each cushion is also encased in a water proof cover - you'd think this had happened before!

(Side note: why in the yards and yards of clean fabric do I always manage to hold the areas that are pee-soaked?)

I grabbed the fabric cleaner (and carpet cleaner, because dog cushions are obviously horribly leaky) and rags. After a spray on the affected areas, I headed downstairs to start my first of five loads of laundry. (And I didn't think I would have time for even one today! Amazing, eh?)A quick run upstairs to scrub, spray and scrub again.

So, now the secret is out. Now that I've come "clean," I need support and suggestions! Any ideas? Do I get up in the middle of the night to take them out? Do I take away all water after 8 p.m.? If they didn't hate kennels so much - and if the kennels weren't so HUGE - I'd consider this option.

By the way, after the scrubbing was over, I glanced at the clock: 6:38 a.m. Good morning to me!


Anonymous said...

I Googled "bed wetting in dogs" and came up with some interesting articles. They suggest hormonal imbalances in spayed middle aged dogs, back injuries in need of anti-inflammatories,etc. The article was, "Sleep incontinence in dogs."
Hope this helps, Mom

Kate said...

Thanks Mom! I'll check it out! And thanks for commenting! Love you!

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

Aren't pets fabulous???

I can't help you with this. My own dog gets my panties out the the bedroom hamper, if we forget to shut the door, and brings them to the living room to lick and whatever fine thing he does with my panties.

This is just lovely when you bring someone home with you.

Jean said...

My sister told me to have a look at this post - first of all I am just having a laugh at the comment just ahead of mine.

I feel sorry for your problem - close the bedroom door and keep the dogs out. If you can't restrict them to a kennel (preferably outside) then close them up in a room without cushy furniture and without carpets for the nights.

Our ancient beagle gets us up about every two hours because she wants to go out. Whereas in the day time she might be quite good for four or more hours when we are away from the house.