Saturday, March 21, 2009

What Could be Better...

...than listening to Josh Groban serenade me in Spanish (which I thought was Italian until a few seconds ago) as I blog?

Having my dishes being washed for me, that's what!

At this very moment, the little white machine in the kitchen is churning happily away as I sit and relax with my little MacBook. About a week ago, the dishwasher fairy (ok, the dishwasher husband) installed a DishDrawer (DD) in our tiny kitchen. That little word "installed" sounds like an easy process - but nothing could be further from the truth! Because we live in a nearly 100-year-old house, the kitchens are slightly less deep than those in current / modern houses. Therefore, my incredibly handy husband performed the following feats for the "installation":

1) Removed the cupboard door next to the sink.

2) Removed and reinstalled the shelf in aforementioned cupboard at a lower height.

3) Cut out plaster and lathe in the back of the cupboard.

4) Notched out studs in wall behind plaster and lathe for flush mounting of DD.

5) Ran new water lines for DD.

6) Ran drain line for DD.

7) Installed new electrical for DD.

8) Inserted wonderful DD.

9) Allowed me to fill and run the first (and subsequent) load of dishes.

Portions of this project were performed as I attempted to fight off a nasty cold / sinus thing, and I may be forgetting a few steps. However, it takes a lot of work to install a DD and I am VERY thankful to my wonderful man for making my kitchen duties much less time consuming!

Isn't he a great guy?


Dennis and Valerie said...

Woo hooo! Is there a difference between a dish drawer and a dish washer?

Kudos to Eric, that's a lot of work for his loverly wife! So sweet.

Dennis and Valerie said...

Ok, so I actually clicked on your handy link this time and saw the coolness of the dish drawer. Did you get one or two?

Kate said...

Only one drawer for us. And we're storing the dog's food and treat containers underneath. It's a perfect fit!

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall some grumbling about said dishwasher fairy demonstrating his musical prowess on the buttons of said DD. Where is the press on that? Why was there grumbling after SO much effort? Where are my socks?

THe secret word is ingests.
As in, " I think my ingests need more motor oil."