Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Want Me to Do What?!

I just got done reading one of my "every-day" bloggers who had just posted about reading another blog. Instead of commenting, I rushed here instead:

I have an internship. It is the most boring job in the world. I make copies, write stupid company newsletter articles, make more copies, listen to people tell me I didn't follow the exact formula for the stupid newsletter articles, copy a few more papers, and go home wondering this is what it will be like in "the real world." I die a little bit every time I enter that building.
Last week, my supervisor, who has been with this dry and dusty company for THIRTY FIVE YEARS, said I should try and get a job with the Company. After I'd just finished telling her I wanted to to graphic design. After I'd just told her I didn't think insurance and I were a good fit. After I 'd just finished thinking to myself, "I'd rather walk across needles than come to this soul-sucking company every day of my adult life."
But my supervisor's suggestion was (to her) a wonderful idea. In her mind, a company that makes a good profit, never lays off its workers and offers good benefits is all you should ever want in an employer.
My counter argument is this: You spend most of your life working. Why, oh why, would you spend 93,600 hours of your life doing something you hate? Or that didn't bring you joy? Or that provided you with a paycheck but nothing more? A smaller paycheck is worth waking up anxious to get to work. Fewer dollars in your bank account are worth the excitement of doing something you love.
I realize I have yet to really get out there (in the work force), but I have had a taste of it. I've had a job I loved that I hated to leave and I've worked in places I couldn't run from fast enough. I want to look back on my life and realize I loved what I did, was content with what I made and believed in the work I was doing. It's not just a job. It's really not.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dog Days of Internet

There is nothing quite as sad as an empty email inbox. The kind that is full of ads, spam and SALE, SALE, SALE! emails. Not. one. meaningful. greeting. I see coupons for "$30 Off This Season's Hottest Looks" and "Fw: Humor Alert," but nothing that lights up my day. I am a little obsessive compulsive. I check the inbox(es) WAAAY too often - I can' t help it (that's what obsessive means). Even a quick note from a classmate makes me happy inside! I could start a service: Quick, Meaningful Emails Sent Daily to You. (it's a working title) Every day, you'd get a happy little communique from someone who asks you little questions about your day, reminds you about your fun weekend coming up, says they're a little jealous about your trip next month, etc... Do you think there's a market? If there was such a service, I think I'd subscribe.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Morning

If I could quit staying up so late, I could definitely be a morning person. More so, now that I'm getting OLD and have trouble keeping my eyes open all day (that coupled with the Mono Problem cause great big problems). But, the mornings are wonderful - we have a whole array of east facing windows in our home now. And whether I'm ready or not, the Sun wakens me every morning around 6 a.m.

The morning holds the possibility for great things to come! Maybe I'll make a new friend, actually have a challenging day at work, feel caught up with my homework for a change... the list is endless. This is the way I start my day (unless a huge test is imminent, wherein I pare down to only the essentials: coffee and a little mascara - and of course I wear deodorant! I heard you thinking "Where's the mention of basic toiletries?" ).

- always happens, usually at home, or at Starbucks for a treat. (Mmm, Starbucks...)

I very rarely wear my glasses, not because I'm vain ( no, really!) but because I am very sensitive to sunlight - I must wear sunglasses at all times. And I do not have prescription sunglasses. I'm contemplating Lasik - do you have a stories, horror or otherwise about the procedure?

This. is. the. best. cereal. ever! And it's healthy! It's one of Target's brands and because they were out of stock two weeks ago, I stocked up on the last shopping trip. Yes, I have four boxes in my cupboard right now.

Today, Eric fed the beasts and let them outside. Usually, that's the first priority. Otherwise, Sadie (the chocolate, mopey one) treads on your feet until she has eaten in the morning.

Every morning - at my table or in the school hallway - I check my favorites. I've never really liked (ok, really just never figured out) the RSS feed, and so I open all from bookmarks and start my day with friends.

I check out my daring Canadian friend, a friend from Lincoln, a friend I've never met, a Texas Rose, an aspiring photographer and family members along with others. Every morning, rain or shine, I'm checking in on you and your life. Do you have a morning ritual you can't live without?

Friday, July 18, 2008


My To-Do List:

1. Spend two weeks in Australia.
2. Live for at least one year in a huge city surrounded by concrete.
3. Finish school with at least a bachelor's degree.
4. Go on a picnic with a great book and a blanket, and fall asleep in the sun.
5. Learn how to be a photographer - not just a point and shooter.
6. Reread the entire "Little House" series
7. Have the wisdom to know when I'm experiencing "The Perfect Day" and really enjoy it.
8. Grow my library to 1000 books I love.
9. Show a close friend the way to God.
10. Be absolutely comfortable with me.

I'm very hard on myself and dreams. I dream up an idea and then squelch it "knowing" I'll never be able to do "that certain thing." Not exactly a healthy way of thinking. So, here are some of the dreams I never share with anyone - not even myself. I'm sure there are others waiting to get out. I'll let you know when they struggle through.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Titles, Titles Everywhere

I had a couple of title ideas this morning:

"Et tu, Body?"
"My Coffee is Cold"
"Four Summer Classes at Once? I'm not crazy"
"Good Bye Sweet Pillow"
"Corporate America Stinks"
"Dave Ramsey is Haunting Me"
"Class While You Sleep"
"A Transvestite Just Walked Down the Hallway"

(Ok, not the last one, but I thought you' d like to know.)

With this insane summer schedule I've been keeping for the last five weeks, my body decided it had had enough. Beginning on the last day of June, my face exploded. The lack of sleep, exercise, water and proper nutrition from the previous three weeks caught up with me. I have had at least one honking huge zit every day for two weeks. I've been very blessed to never have had skin problems, so I don't know how to deal with this! Certain areas of my face HURT terribly and no amount of makeup conceals the massive red welts. Most makeup makes it look worse.
I have also seen a noticeable pallor to my skin. I've been living on coffee and Taco Bell for almost five weeks now, and it's beginning to show. (Coffee to keep my awake during the day, and Taco Bell being on the way to work when I forget to pack PB&J.) I long for the nights of 10 hours of uninterrupted slumber and peaceful awakenings.

And for the job? The job I thought would be fantastic, a boon to my experience? Um...well... to put it nicely: I'm not cut out for corporate America. The internship will be a boon to my resume (since it is a Berkshire Hathaway Company) but that's about all it's good for.

I have nine minutes till class starts. Look for my post of joy in about three days!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The pizza is cooling and Eric is torching (actually soldering, but using a torch). I should be reading Sociology, but am not.

The dogs are both lounging and Eric is working on our plumbing. I should be studying for my sociology test online, but am not.

The laundry sits waiting, the dishes need assistance. I should be cleaning something - anything! - but am not.

Pat your self on the back if you accomplished anything at all this weekend. I did not.