Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Rant

I don't often complain/grumble/fuss across cyberspace but I need to vent about my current mood:

- I took both dogs in our tiny car an hour away to our old vet for hip shots that our new vet "doesn't do, but can do if we want them."
- Nala whined and paced the entire hour - yes, the entire hour. If you didn't think a dog could pace in a car, you're wrong.
- I found out from our old vet that the now-ex-current vet gave me information that could have led to poisoning our dog.
- I tried to walk both dogs after the vet visit - it was too windy, the dogs pulled too hard, and, to sum up, it was just bad.
- Homework is piling up - the end of the semester is approaching.
- I am tired, and I don't have time to sleep.
- I am picking up the slack on a group project - of course - as always.
- I am running. I hurt.
- My brain is tired of learning.
- I am *this* close to tears at different times throughout the day - a symptom of the lack of sleeping.
- Work is picking up speed and I feel a little overwhelmed - nothing I can't handle, but I need time to focus, which I don't have.

Sorry for all the negativity! I'll be happier soon!


Girl from Pennsylvania said...

Laramie has recently taken to pacing nonstop in the evenings so that we let him outside. All he does outside is stand on the deck and after five minutes he looks in the door at us all sad and pitiful eyed. As soon as we let him in though he is pacing all over the place again. I think it has to do with Brooks being sick just because Brooks usually plays on the floor for a while with him in the evening and since being sick he hasn't. Still doesn't take away from the fact that it gets on my NERVES.

We were taking Laramie to a vet that was recommended by a co-worker and when we realized that they charge almost double of any other vet in the area, we felt thoroughly ripped off. I don't feel like the care is any better even. So now we spent like $150 extra just because we went to that vet. Fantastic!

Just think. School is almost over. YAY!

Andi said...

what was the info from the vet? Glad it didn't lead to poisoning of my 2 favorite dogs! Hope things are better!!!