Saturday, April 05, 2008

"Do you have a ****** card with us?"

I'm working in retail again.

After I swore I wouldn't (I really shouldn't swear).

And actually, I don't mind that much. I shopped in this store before I worked there, really like their clothes and like helping people buy cool stuff. But, the biggest part of the company's business is credit cards. Let's get this straight - I HATE CREDIT CARDS! I could go into great detail about their wretchedness, but will instead direct you to the anti-credit guru: Dave Ramsey.
The worst part about my job is that every shift I work, I'm supposed to get at least person to apply for a credit card. This means I have to "sell/pitch" the object of my disdain to people until they've said no three times. And most of the time, I do it. But, this week, I barely tried. And then realized today - the last day of this time period - that if I didn't get a card, I would get written up for a week of no credit. Yes, this store writes you up if you don't get at least 1 card every week you work.
So even when someone turns me down (three times) I secretly applaud their willpower, but then feel bad that I will be called out once again for my lack of credit applications. Why can't we just sell the clothes? Because people who use credit cards irresponsibly are every company's dream - more money, more profits, etc.
So, keep saying no to store credit cards people! Even if I have to get written up, it's worth it to keep one more person out of credit card trouble!


Making my way in PA said...

Seriously, are you at Victoria's secret? I think they are the worst about asking.

I always lie and say I already have one to everyone who asks. I don't really have any credit cards besides the one for work.

Andi said...

I feel your pain....we were supposed to push them at Family Christian(of all places). After my experience w/them, I told my manager I would not try to push them. Fortunately for me, I could explain my beliefs on them and they were more likely to accept them due to the nature of the store. By the way- you need to tell me where you work, I don't even know!!!