Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My first posting ever!

I'm a little nervous as I start this venture! I'm not used to sharing or opening up except to a select few. I feel God's pulling me out of my "close knit" comfort zone to get me ready for something new - so here I go! I have a wonderful husband, Eric, whom I have recently fallen in love with all over again! (Not that I ever stopped loving him, but I am filled with a new appreciation for the man God has given me!) We have 2 INSANE labrador retrievers - cute but crazyMy husband works in the construction industry and I stay busy by cleaning up after the dogs, working part-time at our church and teaching 19 piano students every week.I pray daily that my life mirrors God's plan for me, and want my schedule and activities to be His and not my own. We live a smallish city in the middle of the USA and yearn for the day our home can be surrounded by trees and hills next to a pond/lake. I feel pretty wordy for my first post and hope I can think of more topics for future postings! :) Stop by again - I'll try to update often!

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