Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I want comments!

Ok folks, I know some of you out there are reading my "marvelous" blog - but I never know it! Please, please, please comment if you have ANYTHING to say! I feel lonely out here in cyberspace - keep me company by commenting! It's super easy, just sign in as anonymous and let me know how you're doing or what you think of my blog! THANK YOU!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting! Of course, I'm your "Aunt-in-law", but a comment is a comment! I love your blog! It's inspiring - I enjoy the Christian insights. There's so little of that on the 'net, and almost none at work all day. I like the passage in Isaiah that you quoted. And the thing about Rick Warren giving back his 24 years' worth of pay - that is awesome! Anyway, your blog is wonderful, and I've been meaning to comment for awhile and haven't, so I figured your begging for comments was the perfect opportunity. Thanks for a wonderful blog! Keep up the good work!
-B the G : )