Monday, August 28, 2006

So much to little time!

I actually have plenty of "time" today, but need to get on with the morning routine, so, quick items of interest:

#1 - I am applying to UNL today! To be part of the communications program!
#2 - Last night, Eric "approved" the purchase of a new toy for me - an MP3 player! I am really excited! I have already loaded 37 songs and will be listening to my soundtrack all day! :) (Only because it was over $50 do Eric and I both have to agree on a purchase!)
#3 - Eric and I are actually taking a weekend off! This Friday, we are leaving for Lake Calamus is central NE. I know, it is Labor Day and the parks will be packed, but I am praying we get a quiet, out-of-the-way site for the weekend. Eric especially needs a complete vegetative vacation, so hopefully this will do it! :)

Have a great Monday! I promise you'll get a nice, long post before we head out camping!


Valerie said...

Whoa!!! Ok, first, #1 "communications". Wow! So what exactly is that?!?! :D

#2 MP3- that's cool! I can't believe you didn't run the decision by me for my permission first, though... I didn't say you could advance in the digital age without me.

#3 camping trip. I've never heard of Lake Calamus. You'll have a blast, even if there are a lot of people there. They won't know you and won't be asking you to play the piano or for a copy of Sunday's sermon, and they certainly won't be asking Eric to fix their toilets. :D LOL

KT said...

#1 - Communications: an art program with emphasis in Public Relations! (And learning to share information through many different avenues!)
#2 - I promise I will consult you before the purchase of my next MP3 player! :) (It's super cool - yes, I'm from the 80's - and REALLY small. I may do an ode to the MP3 player soon! :)
#3 - We had never heard of Lake Calamus either, but after searching the NE Game and Parks Website, it looked like a safe bet. This will be our first time there!

lizbeth said...

Hi KT,
I'm glad that you get to go away for the weekend, ought to be fun! Who's watching the critters? Won't be that relaxing if the hairy kids get all excited and want to swim in the lake. We will be home getting ready for school, Yeah. I am practicing a positive attitude. Love you, have fun. Lizbeth