Friday, December 07, 2007

A Random List...

1. Life isn't fair.
2. Why is it so easy for everyone else?
3. Dishes are the bane of my existence.
4. I love my dogs!
5. Friends are hard to come by - and even harder to keep.
6. I hate the phone: hearing it ring, talking on it and remembering to charge it at night.
7. Coke has more calories then Pepsi per can (140 v. 120)
8. Christmas lights make me extremely happy - you could say they make me giddy!
9. I want snow flurries every day all winter long.
10. I've wondered if giving up would be easier?
11. A new pillow is the best way to sleep easier.
12. Paper clutter is my nemesis.
13. I love taking pictures but wonder why I don't take more.
14. There are too many options in life.
15. Autumn leaves are beautiful: their sound, their smell and the colors they become.
16. Trite cliches disgust me.
17. If it's not working, end it!

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