Thursday, February 07, 2008

...a little better, thank you!

Injury Update:
The drugs seem to be working - although not as well as I hoped they would. I have muscle relaxants and pain pills. The worst part about this whole experience is that I can't carry my backpack! I love to stuff that thing full of everything I might possibly need or want throughout my day at school, and right now, I can only carry a few books in my arms.

Job Update:
I got a job! I ran into a girl I knew from Lincoln at a clothing store here in Omaha. She manages the store and mentioned they needed help - I was happy to oblige!

School Update:
Only 1 more paper and 1 more quiz for the week. (Out of the total 3 papers and 3 quizzes!)

Pray for my back - and now, back to the heating pad!


Anonymous said...

My poor Katie. I just read todays and yesterdays blogs. Do you need any help with anything? Do you want some food in your freezer. Let me know and take it easy! Mom

Andi said...

You have my sympathy! I hurt mine last month and it was almost unbearable for weeks. My advise- take things slowly! The heating pad wokred did a massage. :)