Saturday, March 22, 2008

Avoidance Technique

I love school - I really do, but this paper coming up (due in 1 week) is driving me crazy. I don't care enough about my stance to write - when I'm passionate, the words flow, otherwise...

Instead of writing my paper, I am writing about writing my paper. Clever, no? The biggest problem is that I need to have hours and hours of uninterrupted library time. But due to a family crisis, will not have the time I need. The crisis has prompted family visitors as well - who we're delighted to have - but that means a quick dusting and vacuuming (as well as laundry from vacation and extra bedding).

All this to say, the paper will not be spectacular. It will actually probably suck royally and I'll get a non-A grade. All because I don't really care and it's too late to pick a new subject.

New Topic:
Our vacation was wonderful! I'll post many pictures later.

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Andi said...

Hey there! Welcome home. Just wanted to pass on my prayers and sympathy on Eric's grandma. I am glad you guys made it home safely!! Good luck on that paper.