Thursday, May 29, 2008

How you know Kate was camping...

The rain. The incessant rain.
The sunburn. The itching, peeling sunburn.
The laundry. The mounds of smoky, rain-soaked, sun-dried laundry.
The dogs. The tired, lethargic and stinky dogs.
The gear. The piles of camping gear in various states of putawayness.

It rained. From the time we arrived (11:15 p.m. on Thursday) to set up in the dark, until the sun broke through the clouds Saturday at noon, it rained. Even though the weather was perfect for the remainder of the trip, that rain sucked out my camping soul and made it difficult to enjoy boating on a perfectly still lake and eating s'mores by the fire.

Even if you are craving the sun after 36 hours of rain and it's after 3:30 p.m. so you think you don't need sunscreen: WEAR IT ANYWAY! I got my first and last sunburn of the season while boating for two hours in the early evening. And it hurt like crazy for two days, itched like crazy for 4 days and will probably peel like crazy for the next 24 days.

I never realized how wonderful a tiny-town laundromat could be! After soaking through every long-sleeve clothing item, towel and blanket from our gear, we spent two glorious hours (three times!) watching our clothes tumble dry and reading Redbook magazines from 2006. The fourth and final drying took place on the clothesline outside our tents - after the sun made its miraculous appearance.

If you were a dog, what would be your idea of heaven? If you answered swimming, fetching, chasing rabbits, playing tag with other dogs and a warm campfire at night, then our dogs spent 4 days in a heavenly place. The recovery time has been slow (thankfully) and not a whine has been heard for 2 days!

We've been home for 3 1/2 days now. The kitchen counter is full of camping pans, the basement is littered with camping tubs and the laundry room contains piles of clothes destined for the washer.

The recovery is almost complete. I'm rested, clean and -most importantly- dry. But, this trip took a lot out of me. If you asked me today "How about camping this weekend?" I'd decline immediately! If you give me a few weeks, the horrors of the wind and rain may fade and I might be ready to pack up our gear and head into the great outdoors once again. But, that's a big "might." I'll let you know...


Dennis & Valerie said...

Wow. That's a lot of rain. I feel for you!!! A wet tent isn't exactly bliss either. Do you have a tent or a trailer?

Do you want to come up and live in Jungle Camp with me in the rain? ;)

pat ve said...

That sounds like a memorable camping trip. Where did you go? Did you try to fish. It sounds like maybe the dog(s) enjoyed it the most.