Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fall, Etc.

Fall is here. The air is crisp and slightly damp. The sky has been full of high clouds for two days. When the sun comes out, the air is still cool and clean. The wind gusts through the trees pulling a few leaves to the ground.

Sadie curls up in the smallest ball possible and hides her nose under her front paw to escape. Nala basks in the sun (when it shows itself) and noses fallen leaves in the backyard.

This year, I may actually get to enjoy this wonderful season. Last year, we were in the midst of moving, trying to sell our old house, adjusting to a new city, etc, etc, etc. This year, even in the midst of school and family (and joining "Real Worship" choir at church - which I am very excited for!), I'm planning on getting the most out of my favorite time of year!

Second topic:

"Sacrifice: the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy."

Have you every encountered the same principle over and over and over and over in the span of two days that you feel beat up with it when you stop to catch your breath?

I love my time and my schedule. I like to have things organized, have free time and do the things I want to do when I want to do them. It's easy for me to stay comfortable. I've even noticed that when Eric and have time off together, we tend to argue - mostly because his being home more than normal, disrupts "my" life.

What's more important? My schedule or showing love to my husband? Having (too much) time for myself or giving up a few hours a week for others? So, I'm going to embrace sacrifice for my husband and my church.

At the end of choir auditions this morning, Pastor Les came in and talked to us for a few minutes. Remember all those "beatings" I'd received? This was number three in less than three hours. On the radio, I heard about a worship leader saying that the "sacrifice of praise" involved the sacrifice of moving outside of what is comfortable for "me" to bring glory to God. The second instance, Pastor Sean talked about the sacrifice of being involved in a great choir.

Then Pastor Les came in. Yes, he's a great speaker, yes, he is real and authentic, but I believe that he is truly a communicator for God. I don't know how else to explain the things he says. He talked about offering ourselves as sacrifices. The scary/amazing thing was that he went past the offering part. If you know about sacrifices, the offering isn't the end. I always realized that in a cerebral way this was true, but never thought about how that concept applied to me.

Once a pleasing sacrifice is offered, it is consumed. Completely consumed. That is scary. I like control.

Sorry for the rambling and disjointed post. I like to get words down to work through ideas.

What do you think about sacrifice? Or about fall? Or both?


Anonymous said...

1st topic: Ditto
2nd topic: I like the ice that comes in pellet shapes. That is the kind of "ice" I like.

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

I am in love with Fall, it means birthdays, beginning of holiday seasons, football and warm weather clothes. There is no season better for me.

In regards to sacrifice, I think marriage is the place where I have learned to sacrifice. My husband could not go to school full time without the sacrifices that I make. He could not pursue his dreams without my sacrifices. But the same is true for him. He would give anything to make me happy. He works as a full time PhD student, consults on the side, helps a friend run a deer preserve and at the same time does odds and ends things to make extra money to support us. I never really think of it as sacrifice, I just kind of think of it as what you do in a marriage to make it work.