Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It's easy to be happy when things are going your way. Your dogs are angels while you're gone, your husband comes home all smiles and ready to conform to your every wish, and every person you have a slight acquaintance with strikes up a conversation with you as you pass their way.

These things did not happen to me.

But, instead of dwelling in the negative past, I'm looking towards tomorrow in a very positive fashion. And will give you a quick and positive update on my workout regimen:

I (finally) received "Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred" last Thursday. I say finally because of Amazon's horrendously slow Super Saver Shipping. (That wasn't negative, simply truthful.) Wow! Feel the burn, folks. It's been a long time since I've felt so sore after a workout DVD. And, I am doing push-ups people - girl push-ups, but push-ups nonetheless! The workout(s) is great! I'm only on Level 1, and will stick with this one until I feel "ready to progress." I'm thinking this will happen towards the end of this week. The great thing about this workout is the way the time is broken up: 3 circuits that each include:

3 minutes of strength (30 seconds of arms, 1 minute of combination moves, repeat both)
2 minutes of cardio (alternating between 2 moves at 30 seconds each)
1 minute of abs (2 moves for the first and second circuit, 1 combination move for the last)

I'm a real watch-the-clock exerciser. And, if I'm bored, I may as well be exercising for the rest of eternity. The best part about this DVD is the "mini-goals" within the workout. I feel a sense of HUGE accomplishment every time I reach the end of each segment.

Although you feel like you will die before Jillian calls time for each move, the results are worth it! The only thing I'm not seeing a huge improvement in (yet) is my abs, but that's always the last thing to tone up for me. Now, off to refresh my mind with my positive mantra from yesterday! Stay tuned for more positivism!


pat ve said...

Hmm, you posted this on Wed. and apparently many of us aren't exercise enthusiasts. Or perhaps those who are don't want, or have time to comment and those not so much, like myself, feel like we have little to add, mostly lose. Whatever, I hope you are feeling more invigorated each day. Are you still working at the same place?

Kate said...

You're right Pat! Must not be many enthusiasts out there! :) Staying invigorated, even though I'm still at the same place. It's tough to know how far to pursue a new dream in the face of obstacles!