Thursday, November 06, 2008

Here It Comes

Winter, that is.

Sleet, wind and clouds have moved in. It is dark in the evening and cold in the middle of the afternoon. I intend on digging out my scarves, hats, gloves and coats tomorrow before work.

I'm ready to hunker down on the couch for the next five months and do nothing but drink coffee, watch old musicals and read lots of books.


I will be finishing my 17 hours of classes this semester.
I will be looking for an extra job to make extra money for a trip to London next spring.
I will trek through snow and wind to take 15 hours next semester.
I will write papers and walk dogs and cook dinner.

Even if I won't be a woman of leisure, I think it'll be a fun snowy season!


pat ve said...

I really like your house, even with snow. Did you get any today?

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

I love the winter weather even when I have to sludge in and out to get wood for the fireplace.

Your house is super cute. I want there to be a porch swing!

pat ve said...

Saw that cute house today.

pat ve said...

God gave us a really warm day, so I got my leaves and outside stuff taken care of today. Has your snow melted? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Slacker! It's December 1st - how about a new post!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for a new post...December 2.