Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today is Today

The semester is over!
Every final item "checked!"

Our Christmas tree is up.
I have figured out how to drape garland.

Our city got its first real snowfall of the season today.
Too bad today was the day I picked to do all my errands!

I have become enamored with reed diffusers.
A beautiful scent without the flame - who knew?

I yelled at the dogs today.
It was only because Sadie spilled my Cherry Coke Zero which I had left in a precarious place.
We've since made up.

Our Tiny House has once again become cozy.
Three inches of snow outside.
Christmas lights inside.

What were the highlights of your day?


pat ve said...

The highlight of my day, yesterday, was having your Mom and Dad for supper. It was a very special treat. I really love them and all your family. Hope you keep warm in your cozy house. I filled the bird feeders yesterday afternoon and looking out later, noticed that I didn't get the roof on straight. That bothers me enough that I will probably go out in this near zero weather and straighten it. Don't tell me to "chill". Have a great day. I am so glad the Lord enabled you to get all those things done!

Andi said...

Congrats!!! Glad you got it all done! The highlight of my day yesterday was 2 phone calls...from someone who is only a "friend"...hmm?? Today...well I spent all day on the couch sick so I guess the only highlite in that was that I was not at work!!!

Dennis and Valerie said...

The highlight of my day was pumping my kids up for Christmas tomorrow!!!!!! We're celebrating early. The kids are so excited and Lael exclaimed, "I'm SOOOO glad I like presents!!!"