Monday, March 16, 2009

How To: Give Yourself a Break

Step #1: Be aware of the concept of time and how much of it you have each week.

Step #2: Plan a day every week to do nothing – no appointments and no projects! Do only activities that restore or rejuvenate you: a nap, walking dogs, exercising, reading, sitting and staring, or absolutely nothing.

Step #3: Keep that day sacred! Don’t allow things like cell phones, email or your to-do list come between you and the day.

Step #4: Enjoy being with your spouse, kids or pets.

Step #5: Wake up the following day with more energy and joy than you’ve had for a long time!


pat ve said...

Have you tested this formula out? "Ending a sentence with a preposition is error up with which I shall not put!" Someone famous said that. I was without the computer for a couple of weeks and didn't even have DT's. It is freeing. Making up for lost time, however. :-)

Kate said...

I only post tried and true "How To"s. :)