Friday, June 19, 2009

And...That's All I Have to Say About That

Not eating sugar, wheat, caffeine and dairy - all at once - does not agree with me. After three days of being sick in three different ways, I decided this elimination is not for me. While the theory of eliminating potentially bad things from my diet is sound, the actual execution proved a little less than ideal for me.


My Tuesday interview was flawless! I had a great connection with the interviewer and was informally offered the job. I should be getting the formal offer at the beginning of next week!


I'm working in the kitchen (well, not at this moment...). I will skim-coat the walls (twice), sand them smooth (twice), paint (two coats), scuff sand the trim, paint and we'll see what happens after that! I'd love to upgrade the hardware, but what's there is original and will be difficult to replace. We'll see...

That's my week in a nutshell. What three things made your week unforgettable?

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pat ve said...

Are you painting in the kitchen of the house you've been living in, or a new one?