Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Small Stuff

How interested are you in hearing about my day? I mean, really. It's been tough today. I woke up at 5:15 (per usual), fell asleep while picking out clothes (honestly: sat down on my bed for two seconds and OUT), ate a tiny cereal bar for breakfast (good, but tiny) on my way to work. I've had two mugs of coffee with French Vanilla creamer, finished up a couple of projects at work, and am waiting for the free food to be available after a meeting. My stomach is growling and I'm a little down.

I have a huge decision to make. For most, this situation/decision wouldn't be hard. I have two jobs on my schedule at the moment. Because it's summer, I'm working both. But, in less than a month, classes begin. Then, one job must be chucked. Job #1, I make more per hour, but feel completely unstimulated. Job #2 has two amazing coworkers with whom I've made a great connection, but is very "political" - a game I don't like to play. Job #1 is at a place to which I am and will continue to be very connected. Job #1 is further from home, but a comfortable environment. Both Jobs are unreliable in that I don't know if/when they would develop into full-time after I graduate and it's starting to wear at me.

So, there's my day. And my decision.


Anonymous said...

Just want to encourage you to trust God to provide for your future/needs. Having one job, let alone two, is a blessing. Seek to enjoy this time of your life, not fear it.
The secret word is, "SWEDI" as in, "Check out YouTube and watch the Saturday Night Live sketch about NPR with Alec Baldwin."

Girl from Pennsylvania said...

I was looking at a book today and I should have bought it. It was about making decisions and how you should work to a decision by thinking about how it will affect you in ten minutes, ten months and ten years. So maybe job 1 pays more but in ten months it may still be unfufilling. Job 2 may have better coworkers but in ten months the political side of it my greatly wear on you.

I hope you can come up with a decision that makes you happy and no matter what, it seems that things work out the way they should. Good Luck!