Friday, November 06, 2009

Dear Mean Person,

This has been a long time in coming, but I think we're both ready now. I came to a revelation today. And because it was all because of you, I feel you should be the first to know:


What? I can imagine you saying.

You heard me! I don't like you!

I don't get to choose everyone I come in contact with. Some people,I choose to be around, some people I get to be around and some people I have to be around. I have a lot of relationships that fall into the "choose to" and "get to" categories. But you, mean person, are in the third.

I don't like being around you because you don't treat me well. You're borderline rude, outright snarky and often just plain old mean. I've excused you for months now with inane comments like: "You're just having a bad day (which turned into bad week, which turned into bad month...)" "You don't know me well enough yet. I can still win you over!" "You're just stressed right now."

However, the excuses are over and done with. I've observed enough and heard enough to realize it's not me, it's you! I will respect you and be polite, but beyond that - nothing. I'm giving myself the freedom to stop trying to like you - you make it too hard! The dread before our encounters is not worth it. The stress headaches after our encounters are not worth it either!

I'm still going to give other people a chance. I'm still going to cultivate meaningful relationships. I'm still going to keep putting myself out there. But just to show you this isn't all about me, I wanted to let you in on a little secret. Ready?

You don't have to like me either.

Most Sincerely,


pat ve said...

I hope this "mean person" is not you nor your husband. "AS MUCH AS lieth in you, leave peaceably with all men."

Kate said...

Definitely NOT my wonderful husband or myself. I come in contact with this person (unfortunately) every day and it's time for a line drawn in the sand.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I hope tomorrow goes well for you and you can feel good about it. People like that seem to give Satan the upperhand.
Love you, darling.

Anonymous said...

Katey, this was so good! I am sure I will refer to it in the future when I encounter another such person. As I get older, I come to the place with these people where enough is enough. My plate is full, and God isn't calling me to be the catch-all of their anger. So, way to grow up, Girl! Maybe I am next! : )

Kate said...

Thanks Desiree! It's nice to hear the encouragement! Learning not to be a doormat is one of my hardest lessons - but it's getting easier! :) God created us to be so much more!