Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still loving the yard!

Here are the promised "Before and After" pics! I can't believe what a GREAT difference this has made! I look outside in the morning and seeing such a huge project completed makes my whole day happy!

Side note: One-Pan Taco casserole (from previous post) was FANTASTIC!!

Also, check out our adorable dogs:
Sadie is so funny - she tries to be super independent (only allowing us to pet her when SHE wants us to and never seeming to need us except at food times) - but here she is sitting by my feet instead of running outside, even though both doors are open. Longingly looking outside, but content to keep me company.
And this is the "baby" of the family:
She KNOWS how cute she looks with those "sad puppy" eyes and she uses them frequently to her advantage! And usually it's after she has pulled all the dirty kleenexes and trash out of the wastebasket - and she gets out of a punishment! We may not be the best dog-trainers in the world, but we sure like Nala and her little puppy sweetness (even though she's almost 2 years old!)


Valerie said...

Wow, KT, this looks great! And it also looks like a lot of hard work! :) Good job. We worked on stuff the past two weekends too- cleaning out our garage and cleaning out under the stairs.

KT said...

whew - house projects! Did you think this is what being a "grown-up" would entail?