Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Where to begin?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...Eric and I have been housesitting at an acquaintance-of-a-friend's house for the past 10 days. Even though we got to spend the day and early evening at our own house, the owners wanted us to sleep at their house to thwart their teenage sons' parties while they were gone. Things went pretty well for the first 7 days and then we had to break up activities for 3 nights in a row - these kids are 17 & 20 years old! And they couldn't obey the ONE rule their parents had set out: "No friends in the house while we're gone." So, we had a few late nights waiting up to make sure no other "friends" got in the house and tonight will be the first night in our own bed in over a week!
New subject: Sunday began our first day of Running Week 9 - running 13 minutes, walking 2 minutes. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought. It is a huge jump from 9 to 13 minutes though! I always want to give up at about 23 minutes into the whole workout - any suggestions to keep myself motivated? Eric tries, but all he says is "You can do it!" and at that point I don't feel I can! GRRRR! I think I really need music - when all I hear is "SLAP - SLAP (WHEEZE IN!) SlAP -SLAP (WHEEZE OUT!) SLAP - SLAP (WHEEZE IN!) SlAP -SLAP (WHEEZE OUT!)SLAP - SLAP (WHEEZE IN!) SlAP -SLAP (WHEEZE OUT!) SLAP - SLAP (WHEEZE IN!) SlAP -SLAP (WHEEZE OUT!) SLAP - SLAP (WHEEZE IN!) SlAP -SLAP (WHEEZE OUT!)SLAP - SLAP (WHEEZE IN!) SlAP -SLAP (WHEEZE OUT!)" I feel like laying down on the gravel and giving up forever! :) (Wasn't that little description even driving you crazy? ) So, let me know if you think of anything motivational for me!
New Subject #2: I am also thinking a little thought about finishing out my education. I have taken 1 year of college classes and really think I need to get my bachelors. Eric and I have been discussing...and discussing...and discussing our futures lately. After contemplating and praying a bit more, I have a feeling this is where my road will lead. It feels strange for me to go back to school full time - I always thought after we got married, I'd get pregnant(and pregnant) and would be raising 2 sets of twins by now! I just need to adjust my mind to our current circumstances and be ready to run where God leads. I don't want to follow His will reluctantly, dragging my feet or grumbling about what could have been or what could be. I want to be ready to sprint in the right direction (that's why I've been running!) JK! :) Pray for our upcoming decisions - Eric and I both have BIG forks in our road! I think it looks like a double-branched fork - there are more than 2 options: (ex: AA AB BB BA) Lots of exciting things coming (I think!) and I want to know we're in keeping with God's plan through it all.


Valerie said...

The wheezing part about did me in. I can't think of anything motivating except for maybe dangle a small picture of yourself that you absolutely hate in front of you to keep you moving. Every time I see a certain picture of myself on our computer screen saver I think to myself, "NEVER AGAIN". :) Love you. Big decisions, eh? Do I sound Canadian?

Lizbeth said...

I thought I would check up on my eldest. Makes for good reading. I really enjoyed the 4th of July synopsis. We had an excellent day!
Aunt Kris had more info about you when we talked today because she keeps on your blog. Put me to shame. I'll pray for you about your many decisions.

KT said...

AACK! My great Nebraska friend is morphing into CA - eh? I know, I know, three of your favorite people in the world are Canadian, but retain your heritage! :) Thanks for the suggestions, by the way! :) I'll try to find a gross pic of me! :)

KT said...

YAY! My mom commented on my blog! This is a day that will live in infamy! (sp?) Now you know why I want you to read my blog! :) You can keep up with my incredibly "exciting" life! :) Love you Mom!