Monday, December 31, 2007

Insert Cliche End of Year Title Here

The "Year of Change" (aka 2007) is finally over - or it will be in about 12 hours. Next year has already been christened the "Year of Home and Health." Our new house needs A LOT of work and instead of spreading it out over years and years, we would like to have it all (or mostly) done this year so we can enjoy it later. The "Health" portion would be Eric joining a gym and me cleaning out the junk food and keeping us on the healthy straight-and-narrow. I'm glad this isn't starting until tomorrow, because there is a box of Twinkies on the counter that I HAD to have last night and that is already 1/2 gone. Along with the Twinkies, my delivery boy brought me matching flowers (they matched the Twinkies). It's nice to have a live-in deliverer. It's going to be a busy year - someday I might be able to rest even when I'm not sick! Have a wonderful New Year - and keep commenting on this lowly blog!

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Dennis & Valerie said...

Happy New Year to you! Are you going to any fantastic New Year's bash or are you too sick?

We were planning to go over to Peterborough to see our friends and hang out with them tonight (leaving the girlies at G & G's of course) but the stomach flu has swept through our home and we stayed in Durham. Wah.

It was fun getting caught up on your blog- I had to start back at the house tour! I love how you decorate, can you come and decorate our place? I am such a loser decorator, and also very cheap when it comes to buying decor and anything extra. But I think that cute decorations can be inexpensive if you are creative, which at this point in my life I am NOT. So I will admire/covet/no ADMIRE :) your home from afar.

I liked your post on the title of your blog. I love you just the way you are too. I think there are many blessings from God in all stages/phases of life! Each moment is an opportunity to have a ministry, whether it is bathing the dogs (yes, I think that's a ministry!) or bathing vomitous children, which is what I've been doing this week (and yes, I guess that's a ministry too...). I think it is super exciting to hear how God is leading the two of you, and can't wait to hear what your new year in Omaha holds for you. Love you, KTbug!