Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas is Coming Down

I should actually clarify that the "Christmas Decorations" are going to be packed into large Rubbermaid containers and toted back to the basement for another year. My day is starting rather late today. You would think with the seventh night of my sickness, sleep would be getting easier, but no such luck. Yesterday was "Coughing Day" - dry, hacking coughs every 30 seconds - which inevitably led to into "Coughing Night." When I was still up coughing at 2am, action was taken. I threw on my jeans and drove six blocks to the 24-hour Walgreens down the street. Even though I was awake, I wasn't very coherent - it took me a few minutes to find the wonderful Nighttime Robutussin. I also picked up a nice new box of lotion tissues and some daytime cold pills. I downed my dose of medicine at 2:15am and was out by 2:30 (the last time I looked at the clock). When Eric left for work, I took another dose and slept till 11:00. I don't think I've slept that late since my mono days. And even then I usually got up, got dressed and went back to bed. This has been a very hard week! Since I finally got 8 hours of sleep in one night (thanks to the wonderful sleeping aid) I am motivated to start a project before 4pm. The Christmas tree is dry and shedding needles. The decorations are just starting to look cluttered - they looked so nice when I put them up. And there are used tissues in every trashcan that need to be taken away. Germs, germs go away! I think I'll actually open the windows for a few minutes - it's close to 30 degrees today - to freeze them and air out the house! Cold, fresh air sounds wonderful! I'll update the Christmas dismantling later.

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