Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Things Are Gonna Change!

2007 was christened "The Year of Change" in my household. I love change! I would change my furniture placement every day if I had the energy! Sometimes ordinary is good - my kitchen a cupboards must always stay the same - but sometimes change for the sake of change can be better. Try a new recipe - try a new hairstyle - or just listen to some new music! Other things are harder to change - friendships, family relationships, your own personality or attitude - but it's worth the evaluation every once in a while. Do you need to make a change? Are you living with "normal" because it's just easier? Do you need to take the huge, courageous step to move out of your comfort zone down an unfamiliar path? (Many cliches - one sentence) I have done a few "out-of-character" actions over the past week. I said no, I introduced myself to a complete stranger, I gave myself permission to accept a situation (instead of stewing over it) and I realized I don't have to like everyone AND they don't have to like me. I have also started school for the fourth (and final) time. So, take a chance - do something crazy! Make this your day, month or year of change!

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