Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What's New?

Many things have changed in the last 6 weeks.
1. We've moved from Lincoln to Omaha
2. We sold our Lincoln house.
3. We gave away and sold many of our possessions (I don't even miss them!)
4. I'm washing dishes by hand again - it's been a long time!
5. I've moved from having a temporary job to having no job at all.
6. Winter has come - and with it, SNOW! (I love snow, in case you've forgotten!)
7. Our church family is still out there somewhere, we're just not sure where.
8. Eric and I actually had time to decorate for Christmas this year...together!
9. I feel stir-crazy from having SO much free time on my hands!
10. The dogs have gone into hibernation mode - it's great!
11. I'm trying to get up the courage to apply for and negotiate the terms of a new job! (More to come on that item.)

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