Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas In Nebraska

It feels strange to be in Omaha - we've been holed up in The Tiny House for a month - and we've only been here 7 weeks! The day before Thanksgiving, it snowed and got cold. Since then, we've have more snow/ice every week - sometimes twice a week! So, although I love the house, it feels weird to be so unconnected with the neighborhood. I still have to read street signs and count down numbered streets to get places. I also feel myself comparing distances here to their equivelents in Lincoln. Driving is easy but I still don't know where anything is. I've been using the internet ALL THE TIME to find locations for places I could just drive to without thinking in Lincoln! :) I've promised to post pictures chronicling our last few weeks and our house setup for certain friends! (Here they are guys!) Enjoy!

Our Most Recent Snowfall - 5 inches!
Eric working on the snow (Isn't this a great action shot?)
The big white building in the background is home to one of our most considerate neighbors: Certified Transmission. They keep their property nice and clean and are very quiet in the evening - although that may be because they're closed after 5pm.
Our house in the snow - doesn't it look cozy?This was the high temperature for the day - getting up the nerve to go outside has been tough for me!
The view from the front door - notice our very little Christmas tree in the corner - it's soft and has only glass balls and lights this year - our ornaments are gracing the garland in the doorway! Our stairway doubles as a coat closet and vacuum storage area. This house has only one closet which is packed full of clothes and shoes. We've had to come up with creative ways to store all our stuff. If you see something that may work better, let me know!
Here are the rooms we live in most of the time:
Living Room (Note our Temporary Bedroom through the door in the 2nd picture and the front door next to the TV)
Dining Room
(The Kitchen door is next to the piano. And the piano is decorated with Christmas Decorations and Christmas Music!)The Temporary Bedroom - it will soon be an office/guest room.The view of the bathroom from the bedroom - yes, you have to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom - a little awkward, but it works for now!The Kitchen viewed from the Dining Room (the Living Room is at your right and the stairs upstairs right behind you to the left) Look at the SUPER TALL kitchen cabinets! I think I actually have storage room to spare in this kitchen!Check out the really old-fashioned sink! I love the look of the sink - although it would be more practical as a laundry room sink. One basin makes washing and rinsing a bit of a problem. It's teaching me to wash RIGHT AWAY - something I hate to do, but I'm learning. Note the empty sink! :)I just realized how much of a camera hog Sadie is! She's in quite a few pictures! (But in this pic, she's trying to get her ball by the stove.) (And right now, Sadie is keeping my lap very warm by laying her very large head on it!) She's a good dog!The Double-Black-Diamond stairs to our basement - try to navigate those without skis and holding a laundry basket! Laundry Room - my 2 favorite features: the super long counter top for folding and the hanging bar for all our clothing that doesn't fit in the only closet!
Eric's Future Workshop - the walls are being prepped for paint at the moment!Heading back upstairs
And now all the way upstairs...
The future master bedroom and bathroom! The bathroom will (hopefully) be at the far end of the room and the bedroom will be the rest of the entire upstairs. Eric and I are very excited to get started on the upstairs renovation. I hope you enjoyed the tour! Merry Christmas everyone!

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