Monday, March 10, 2008

Perfection? Who Needs it!

I got a comment from "someone" about posting pics of the trashed-out house last week. At first, I was a little miffed, as I am when I get comments (criticism) about MY stuff. But, then I took a step back to analyze the situation. Why did I post such "unpolished" pictures about my life? The answer: I'm attempting to be more "real" - showing the both good and bad. Doesn't everyone experience both?

My world is not a perfect place where fairies fly and birds do my housework for me and an orchestra plays a soundtrack matching my mood - I think that would be a creepy place to exist. But, I do love the people in my life, I love the activities in my daily planner, and I'm beginning to love the way I'm reminded of my imperfections every day.

For instance, this morning, I set my alarm for 6 a.m. I really was going to wake up then - but somehow reset my alarm for 7:15 and hit snooze twice until 7:35 rolled around. I have a class at 8 a.m. Do you see the problem? Turns out I still beat the instructor to class and had a great little adrenaline rush for the first 2 hours of class. I could have gotten mad at myself, yelled at the dogs as I rushed around getting ready, but chose (and it was a conscious choice) to just deal with it and resolve to get up a tad earlier next time.

Some people (me) don't like to share about their trials, mistakes and flubs, but those people can be the loneliest ones out there. I've tried it - no one likes a "perfect" person. So, here I am, flubs and all, trying to be honest with my family and friends about who I really am. Love me for me! And I'll do the same for you!


Andi said...

I love you for you!! (and hopefully you know that!!) I have some pretty exciting news to tell you...but I am gonna make you call me so I can tell you myself!! ha!! Whenever you have time!! Love ya!

Making my way in PA said...

WAIT! I didn't read your post and then today I posted about the same thing. CRAZY!

Honestly my favorite bloggers are the ones that tell me about the crap their husband did or how their dog crapped on the porch, you know, the stuff I can relate too!