Thursday, June 26, 2008

Morning Constitutional

Every morning, I drive to the park adjacent to school and park my car at the bottom of a hill. Then, I climb the hill to my building and attend classes for three and a half hours. Today was different. I drove to the park, parked my car and looked at the sky. In five minutes, it had turned from light gray to black. The breeze died and as I walked, cotton filled the air around me. The entire atmosphere changed in an instant and I felt a few drops of rain hit my face. As I walked through the tall, thin conifers, the wind picked up, the cotton swirled and the sky grew menacing. I am often struck by God's creation as I walk up the hill, and today was no different. But today, instead of realizing the beauty, I reveled in the uncertainty and power that weather presents. And how amazing is its Creator.

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Andi said...

That was cool...I had one of those moments las Wednesday when I was coming home from the gym. I cut thru the church parking lots & looked over towards 84th and saw the most beautiful rainbow. I love those....the constant reminder that He keeps his promises.

Hope school isn't wearing you out too much!!