Monday, July 21, 2008

My Morning

If I could quit staying up so late, I could definitely be a morning person. More so, now that I'm getting OLD and have trouble keeping my eyes open all day (that coupled with the Mono Problem cause great big problems). But, the mornings are wonderful - we have a whole array of east facing windows in our home now. And whether I'm ready or not, the Sun wakens me every morning around 6 a.m.

The morning holds the possibility for great things to come! Maybe I'll make a new friend, actually have a challenging day at work, feel caught up with my homework for a change... the list is endless. This is the way I start my day (unless a huge test is imminent, wherein I pare down to only the essentials: coffee and a little mascara - and of course I wear deodorant! I heard you thinking "Where's the mention of basic toiletries?" ).

- always happens, usually at home, or at Starbucks for a treat. (Mmm, Starbucks...)

I very rarely wear my glasses, not because I'm vain ( no, really!) but because I am very sensitive to sunlight - I must wear sunglasses at all times. And I do not have prescription sunglasses. I'm contemplating Lasik - do you have a stories, horror or otherwise about the procedure?

This. is. the. best. cereal. ever! And it's healthy! It's one of Target's brands and because they were out of stock two weeks ago, I stocked up on the last shopping trip. Yes, I have four boxes in my cupboard right now.

Today, Eric fed the beasts and let them outside. Usually, that's the first priority. Otherwise, Sadie (the chocolate, mopey one) treads on your feet until she has eaten in the morning.

Every morning - at my table or in the school hallway - I check my favorites. I've never really liked (ok, really just never figured out) the RSS feed, and so I open all from bookmarks and start my day with friends.

I check out my daring Canadian friend, a friend from Lincoln, a friend I've never met, a Texas Rose, an aspiring photographer and family members along with others. Every morning, rain or shine, I'm checking in on you and your life. Do you have a morning ritual you can't live without?


Angella said...

Oatmeal and a hazelnut latte! Without it, I feel off :)

Andi said...

Hey~ my sister had lasik and loved it!!! She had a gret experience with it.

My morning routine...the shower, check the email, and usually a stop at McD's for the new sweet tea! I so wish there was a Starbucks on the way to work...but alas I moved away it!!

Dennis & Valerie said...

Aw, I am so not daring KT!

My morning.
wake up, listen for sounds of the girls screeching, no? close my eyes. yes? close my eyes and pray. I mean, get up, go to the bathroom, get the girls up, get changed, get coffee, get the girls breakfast, get more coffee... and then who knows from there. But I do check blogs and email! And I wish that somewhere in there I'd regularly get my Bible out. *sigh*