Monday, August 04, 2008

Omaha Vacation

Our great friends from Lincoln came up for the weekend and we spent the hottest day of the year outside! Although the humidity was 90% and the temp was over 95 degrees F, the heat was worth the fun!

Omaha Royals v. Salt Lake City Bees (Bees won 7-5)

Mark Schultz in Concert Following the Game
(We decided he probably shaved his head after realizing how humid it was!)


The Classic Car Show
(A lot of money was sitting in this lot!)

A Brand-New BMW
(Check the sticker price below)

(More than our mortgage is worth!)

A warm walk around the ConAgra Campus
(We saw the biggest carp ever! Three feet long!)
We all went to our church on Sunday morning, after an invigorating breakfast at IHOP. Our pastor was back from a month-long sabbatical and challenged us to "Breathe Spiritually" and not worry about disappointing others - only strive for God's approval!

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Anonymous said...

My goodness, Katie! this was posted at 6:17 AM? I should take a lesson from you. The early bird does get the worm (for fishing of course)! Glad you two are enjoying your last bit of summer.
Love, Janet