Thursday, August 07, 2008

Right Under Your Nose

I sat down to my morning routine and laughed over my morning reading. I bemoaned the fact that I had nothing interesting to report and resigned myself to sitting down to homework. (Blah to homework!)

Then, I stepped outside to let Big Sade in...

And almost stepped in a turd.

Yes, a giant turd (fresh, mind you!) on our porch steps.

If you don't have dogs, this may gross you out beyond belief, but it's a fact of life for us dog keepers: sometimes you find turds.

Turds that have grass (or q-tips, or socks - yes, socks) woven through them.

Turds that dangle and need help to fall. (A looooong stick is best for this.)

Turds that stink so bad, you avoid a certain area of the yard.

Are the turds really worth it?



Girl from Pennsylvania said...

I have found so many things in our yard. Knee Highs, tennis ball fuzz, stuffing from toys, partial peices of underwear etc. All wrapped in poo.

Freaking dogs. But then they give you those sad eyes. said...

HA ... this is when I am happy we have tzisuh (sp?). Turds never big enough to quarantine yard space.


Kate said...

I hear you! Some days I would love a smaller dog. Lab poop is the same size as human poop! But at least their digestive tracts are big enough for EVERYTHING to go through! :)

Andi said... puppies!! I love your dogs!!! They are the only ones who are ever THAT excited to see me :)
Look at those adorable eyes!!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm poop....
when's dinner?

Dennis & Valerie said...


As a non-dog owner small human-type steward, I would like to tell you about the raisins, grapes, peas, corn and tomato seeds I've noticed recently in the discarded elements of a digestive tract. Also found in the past were foam letters, paper, and various unidentifiable objects.