Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Did You Snack on Today?

I was waiting for an appointment today. Standing in a hallway, reading my NY Times (that I get free from school) and wondering about the current state of the financial markets. (Don't laugh! I really was!)

A woman rolled down in the hall in her motorized wheelchair. I am trying to be kind, so I will say, her wheelchair was not for a disability. It was for her weight problem. I'm assuming it was also quite useful for the tank of oxygen she had pumping clean, pure O2 into her nostrils as well.

Around a little corner, next to the stairs, is the building's vending machine. It's a tight fit back there and the machines' compressors make quite a racket. (I'm listening to them as I type.)

This woman attempted to roll into the corner. And got stuck. She called "Ma'am! Can you help me?" I assumed she needed help out of her predicament.

But, no. "Can you hold this?" she asked, handing over the gigantic black bag, "And can you put the coins in for me?" WHAT?! I thought/screamed to myself DON'T YOU REALIZE HOW THIS WAS CAUSED?

I was close to asking if her doctor would ok these purchases (I was on the same floor as a doctor's office.), but wisely/stupidly refrained.

She handed me enough money for 2 double-packs of Hostess Cupcakes and a 3 Musketeer Bar. I pushed the money into the slot for each item, and handed them to her as they were dispensed.

This woman couldn't breathe.
She couldn't bend over.
She could barely speak.
She couldn't even insert coins into the vending machine.

And I enabled her to continue her destructive behavior.

What would you have done?

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T said...

Take the money and run.