Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall and Oil

It is a perfect fall day:

smelling like snow

Yes, you heard me, snow! I have the most potent sniffer I know. This means that a) I can smell rain and snow, and b) certain smells make me throw up in my mouth, when I normal person would only say, "Peuw! That stinks!"

A couple of weeks ago, we cleaned out the garage. The garage hadn't been touched since our move to the "big city" almost 1 year ago. We took advantage of the giant dumpster at Eric's disposal (hah - no pun intended) at work, and loaded up a few trashcans that had been sitting around that contained a mixture of yard waste, rocks, dirt and trash. We got to the giant dumpster, proceeded to unload the trashcans, and...

I almost threw up on the husband.

It turns out, we were making oil in our backyard with that mixture of yard waste, rock, dirt and trash. Homemade oil has a distinctly unpleasant smell. Especially when someone has not prepared for the smell by holding his or her breath!

So, I almost threw up - complete with the retching sound that accompanies, well, retching.

I didn't want to pander to your hankering for disgusting, so I threw in a little fall anecdote!

Enjoy the smells of autumn! May they be more pleasant than mine!


Andi said...

HA! Boy I am glad I was done eating my breakfast!! have a goo day!!

Anonymous said...

I think you have been smelling cocaine.

Anonymous said...

Is there a time limit on your "snowsniffer"? It's been almost five days since you sniffed and no snow...