Friday, October 03, 2008

See My Head? *BOOM!*

(NOTE: Audience Participation Requested! Feel free to email with extra information!)

My brain is too small - or too slow - to absorb all this stuff:

1. The Financial Crisis: I CANNOT believe that the government is giving away BILLIONS of dollars to people who got greedy, lost a little money, and then "needed help." I realize the effects of the capsizing banks on the "little people," and I understand how our financial system may have dipped for a while without a bailout. But, continuing to borrow, finance and "use" credit will land this country in an even bigger mess and I'm furious that while I choose to live my life debt-free, the people running my country think that's there's no other way besides borrowing up to your eyeballs to keep a sinking system afloat! Does this "solution" make you mad or glad?

2. Higher Education: I now realize how so many people come out of the educational system and follow the liberal cause in this country like lemurs off a cliff. It's easy! I sit in every classroom, inwardly seething, occasionally commenting and constantly wondering if my fellow classmates, and teachers realize they are spouting rhetoric and fail to have a single original thought. They're repeating what they've heard without rolling it around in their brains for a while to see if it actually makes sense. There's no reason to point it out, they'll just get more angry! Can you sit silently while people voice their opinions that are exactly contrary to yours?

3. Dangerous Dog Ordinance: We have escape artist dogs. Even Sadie, with her sad, old hips will get free if she tries hard enough. So, we removed the ineffectual fence in the backyard and attached their cables to a stake in the ground. Then, this week, the Omaha City Council decided that dogs cannot be tethered for more than 15 minutes without an adult present. So, my dogs will no longer be able to bask in the sun all afternoon while I clean up in the house. They can't sit outside and sniff the breeze and chase the rabbits away. No, now they have to stay locked inside, underfoot, while I fight the losing battle against the furballs in the corners. Do we build a fence or find another way around the ordinance?

4. Fasting: Our pastor has called for a church-wide fast next week. I'm nervous, having never fasted for any length of time (unless I forget to eat breakfast - and that doesn't really count). The biggest problem is my caffeine addiction. I tried three times this week to go caffeine free. Today was the final effort and I am currently fighting a horrible migraine. We're supposed to do a juice fast or strictly fruits and veggies fast. I don't know if I'll be able to make it through a day, let alone act as a functioning member of society! Could you do it? Am I crazy to even try?

5. I'm searching for people with a story to tell (continued from #1): I am planning on being pretty uneffected by the financial meltdown, due to the way Eric and I live our lives. Our biggest splurge is eating out (and yes, we do so a little too often). We do not use credit cards or debt. We save for my schooling and pay it all with a check. We rent movies from Red Box (only $1 a night), I buy mostly store brands and love to find great clothes on clearance. The simple life has always worked well for us. However, there are people in this country (and, now I hear, around the world) who will have to drastically change their lifestyles in order to survive after this shift in the financial realm. Do you live a simple life? If so, how do you define simple and do you feel like you will be able to keep living it? Are you going to make changes after the market shake-up? Are there certain things you may do differently? (i.e. pay off credit cards, eat at home, etc?) I know there's a lesson for normal people to learn in all this, and I'll do my best to find it!


pat ve said...

I am interested in your views on the financial situation. I think you and Eric have made wise decisions in not encruing (is that a word?) debt. I think about the stories my folks told of the Great Depression. Everyone in the family pulled together. My dad, a lad, sold packages of veg. seeds from door to door. His folks did lose their home in IL and went to DM to live in a home my Great grandparent had left my grandma. It was after that move, and through a boys' club and another girl's club--Bible clubs, that he and his family found the Lord. What a joy. Then WW11 came and there was a motto (Someone may correct me) fix it up--use it up--make do. One of my greater concerns about all that is happening now is, how will people react? How should we as Christians respond to "those in need"? The depression brought families and church families together into a close bond. After the stock market crash of the 20's, the country had nearly ten years of drought. People lost farms, etc.
My greatest comfort is to rest in the sovereignty and goodness of God and know that nothing is out of His plans or purpose. He has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you". Meanwhile, I want to be wise in decisions I make.
James 5:1-6 comes to mind concerning those who've corrupted the financial system. Also Psa.2
I think we all be making adjustments.

Andi said...

So...when the city says there has to be an adult present does that mean you have to be outside? If you are home, techinically you are present right? That's a dumb ordinance.

good luck with the fasting.

I totally get what you mean about the school system. I do the same thing. It sucks!

I won't be affected much by the financial crisis. I will stop using my credit card but most of the stuff I put ont here is stuff I don't need anyway so I'll just learn to live without it. ;)

Andi said...

Ok so the week is over...we need an update on the fast!! I want to know how it went!!

Anonymous said...

On #3: Build a fence that can contain the hounds! My two cents.

B the G : )