Monday, February 09, 2009

Photo Tag: You're It!

The fourth picture, in the fourth folder of my fourth photo year (my computer sorts them by year) is this very sad photo:

Last summer, on the Sunday before Labor Day, poor little Nala tore all the large pads off each of her four paws! She was unable to walk for 2 days, and then, woke up the third day as if nothing had ever happened. We left her pads unbandaged while she was in the house, but because the grass was dry and crispy at the end of a horrendously hot summer, we bandaged up her feet for bathroom breaks.

I learned that I can indeed carry 60-pound dog, then a 70-pound dog and a camera up and down four steps in 100-degree weather.

I photo-tag the following:

and Renee.


Dennis and Valerie said...

That is sad!

Kate said...

I know! I cried for her because she couldn't!

Andi said...

Well now that you photo tagged me...what am I supposed to do???? :)

Kate said...

Go to the fourth photo folder and pick out the fourth photo (no substitutions!) and post the photo along with a story about it.