Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parts V-VIII: Many Visits

More Paris information and photos to come. This is quick catch-up of the past few days. After arriving back in London around midnight on Sunday, we started bright and early Monday morning heading to the Press Complaints Commission. A regulatory body quite different from anything seen in the U.S. The PCC deals with any legitimate complaints given against printed / online journalism. The Commission looks into each and every complaint and, if necessary, rules on the matter if a consensus cannot be reached by the paper and complainant. No pictures allowed.

Then off to the Advertising Standards Authority, another regulatory body for - you guessed it - advertising in the UK. The closest thing we have in the US is the FCC, which is highly reactive and not so proactive (think "wardrobe malfunction"). Again, no pictures allowed.

Best part of the day? Dinner with a good friend from high school. We went to a great organic cafe - my first green veggies of the trip! - and saw a few sights and areas of the city. I was also introduced to Cider and Black. YUM! It was so great to catch up and see a familiar face in an unfamiliar place! Thanks again for a great evening Dan!Tuesday was the day of Reuters and Schawk. Reuters was interesting, but Schawk? Such an incredible operation! The type of work they do is branding, which means, putting a certain, tailored idea about a company/product in the minds of consumers on sight. SO COOL! The entire process appealed to my sense of analness - and I loved the quality control measure they had in place. Amazing!

The London Eye, Houses of Parliament, and Westminister. Photos below. So fun!

Today we visited the Islam Channel - felt like discussing religion, not communication - and The Telegraph - largest newsroom in the world!

And now, off to tour London at night. Cheerio!

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