Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Places I Went, The People I Saw

I thought if anyone was really bored, they'd like to check out the places I've visited for academic reasons here. Some of the places gave us great presentations, tours and information. Others were either at the wrong time of day or just slightly boring (they produced lots of yawns). However, I tried really hard to act interested and find some aspect of their business to ask questions about. Sometimes a little tough, but I learned a lot throughout the whole experience!

1. Advertising Standards Authority - saw examples of ads that were complained about in UK
2. Press Complaints Commission - a little dry, but great contrast to freedom of the press in the US
3. Reuters - a lot of walking
4. Schawk - amazing!!!
5. The Islam Channel - had a hard time with, for many reasons. But they did provide a great lunch and were mostly gracious
6. The Telegraph - only publisher with direct info for the top UK story!
7. Weber-Shandwick - fun and interactive PR presentation.
8. McCann - Erickson - look into the advertising world!

Enjoy! I certainly did!

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pat ve said...

You make a good student on a field trip. Great job for trying to find out about even the most boring stuff. When do you return to "the land of the free and the home of the brave"?