Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Post 200

I think I'm finally an adult.

For the past month or so, I've been waking up between 5 and 530 am and staying up. I honestly am not at all interested in falling back asleep. I make the bed, make my coffee and maybe even do a load of laundry - all before 6 am.

At first, I thought this strange anti-sleeping pattern was due to my upcoming trip. Which has been and is gone. The last two days (minus my first day home where I slept until *gasp* 730) my body has decided that the wee small hours of the morning are awesome and not to be ignored. This may have something to do that if I were still on the other side of the Atlantic, it would be 11 am, but I'm not entirely sure.

My list is long today - and exciting. Ready? Here goes:

1. Fill out application and call for interview. Oh yes - interesting things are a-brewing!

2. Go to the library and Photoshop, Photoshop, Photoshop. I love my MacBook, but for picture editing, I need the biggest screen possible. Two screens? Even better!

3. Finish the final bits of my unpacking like putting the big suitcase back under the stairs, finding homes for the bits and pieces I brought back with me and folding the laundry I have washed and dried from the trip.

4. Walk my dogs and hopefully lose the last of their summer coats on the way. Could have made a fur coat with the fluff I got off Sadie yesterday. If I get really bored, I may just have to wash, dry and brush the beasts again.

5. Really should do some exercising of some sort. Although I did lose 6 lbs while in the UK - all that running to catch the tube!

6. Post some of my great pictures with stories and anecdotes that I didn't have time to post while traveling.

My real life is back and busier than ever. Although I had a great time, it (of course) is fabulous to be back in my own bed (even though I'm to stuffed up in the head to enjoy it), with my free computer (well, at least not 1 BPS for 20 minutes), and with only myself to take care of (I was a little bit of a parent to the kids on the trip).

This is Post 200 of Married with 2 Dogs! Promise of Post 201 coming soon!


Dennis and Valerie said...

I've been waking up really early for awhile now too. But unlike you, I've been fighting it. I don't think I want to see the clock before 6am, so when I do I feel jipped (gypt? jyped? gipped? dʒipt?)

I love waking up early and getting things done before anyone is up. I like the concept of being so productive early in the day, but I really only like it if I feel rested. And somehow my body can't go to bed at midnight and feasibly get up at 5am. Dennis always acts surprised and almost personally affronted when I want to get up before 7am...

Anonymous said...

Blog is great way to stay in touch. Your mom didn't even say you were in Europe when we talked for her bday! Aunt Kris

Andi said...

Loved hearing stories last night and seeing all the pics! Thanks for the talk too! I needed it!
have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, and here I thought one was an adult when one owns white appliances. It was in a definition I heard once, anyway. : )
-B the G