Monday, July 13, 2009

So, we went camping

To celebrate my husband's TWENTY-NINTH birthday (he's so old!), we took a trip to a family friend's farm pond for the weekend. When you think farm pond, do you think of cows in a dirty ditch in the middle of a corn field? Me too! I had vague grandiose memories of this particular farm pond, but things are always cooler at the age of eight. I wasn't sure if this pond would live up to my childhood expectations, but it delivered!

Look at all the trees! And not a single cow was seen the entire trip! (Although we did hear a few off in the distance - it was a farm pond after all.)

It was quaint, quiet and just what we needed this weekend! Especially Eric - he has been working way too many hours every week and was in dire need of a getaway! We fished (Eric caught four delicious bass, I caught three - pictured below!), napped, ate (lots of s'mores!) boated, and swam. It was the perfect way to spend a summer weekend.

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